Research & Development 

List of Projects

2017 final year students carried out a project under TEQIP under guidance of Prof.AVN.Swamy on Biogas production from canteen waste. A 20 liter UASB prototype bioreactor is fabricated in CBIT mechanical work shop. The gas liquid solid separator of the UASB by reactor is designed Prof.AVN.Swamy and a patent is file by him in the year 2017.

B.Tech final students did research work in the areas of tissue Engineering and micro biology in the Dept.Biotechnolgoy, CBIT itself.

A research carried out by Mr.C Obula Reddy since 2011 and completed his research work on Lactic Acid Production form ground nut shells in the Department of Biotechnolgy, CBIT. He successfully presented his pre submission seminar at JNTU Ananthapur in October 2016. Presently he is in the process of Ph.D,. Thesis submission on Lactic Acid Production

Dr.G.Vijaya Laxmi got AICTE Project under MODROB in the year 2016.