Board of Studies , Bio-Tech Engineering Department

Sno. Name of the Faculty Designation Organization
1 Dr. P. Ravinder Reddy Principal CBIT
1 Mr.C.Obula Reddy Member Assistant Professor,Biotech Dept.,CBIT
2 Dr.V.Aruna Member Assistant Professor,Biotech Dept., CBIT
3 Dr.G.Vijaya Laxmi Member Assistant Professor,Biotech Dept., CBIT
4 Dr. Gopal Reddy Invitee from OU Professor ,Osmania University (Subject Expert)
5 Mr.Nagendra Varma General Manager Virchow  Petrochemicals, Hyderabad
6 Dr.N.Madhusudan Rao Invitee from CCMB Scientist, CCMB Representative outside college/ Research
7 Mr.Navneeth Bung Alumni Member TCS
8 Prof. Ramesh Kumar  Invitee from OU BOS, College of Technology,Osmania University, University representative.