Laboratories and Equipment- BioTech Department

SNo Name of the Lab Area(in No. of Machines Cost(in lacs)
1. Biophysics 70.98 Polari meter, Traveling Microscope, Ostwald’s Viscometer 2.38
2. Biochemistry Lab 70.98 Colori meters, pH Meters, Monopan  1.2
3. Cell Biology and Immunology Lab 70.98 Micro centrifuge with digital timer, Immuno elcetro phoresis with  0.49
4. Microbiology 70.98 Binocular Microscopes, colony counters, Laminar air flow, Incubator, Oven 5.17
5. Instumentation 70.98 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Flouri meter, Flame  5.49
6. Enzyme Technology Lab 70.98 Electronic Balance, Thermostate control Water bath. 0.74
7. Fermentation Technology  70.98 Bioreactor, Autoclave, Hot air Oven, Digital  5.20
8. Genetic Engg. Lab 70.98 PCR, UV- Trans illuminator, Gel Electrophoresis with Power pack, Cooling Centrifuge, Refrirator, Vertical slab Gel System, SDS PAGE, Micro Oven,  9.18
9. Bio informatics Lab 70.98 25 Intel core(TM) i3 systems 6.56
10. Tissue Engg. Lab 70.98 Orbital shaker, Refrigerator, Auroclave, Double distillation Unit, Inverted Light Microscope, Air  5.74
11. Bioprocess Lab 70.98 Fluidized Bed Reactor, Packed Bed Reactor, Air Lift Fermentor, Shaking Incubator, Magnetic Sturrers, Colori meters 9.88
12. Down Stream Processing Lab 70.98 Vacuum Driven Pump, TLC Unit, Visible Spectrophotometer 0.21