Department of BioTechnology

Imparting quality education to produce graduates as competent researchers, technologist and entrepreneurs in the field of Biotechnology.


  1. Laying strong foundations in principles of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological Sciences and process controls, enabling graduates for better understand of multidisciplinary domains in Biotechnology.
  2. Molding the graduates effectively to serve mankind with professional competency and socio-ethical values.
  3. Motivating graduates towards academic excellence, entrepreneurial avenues and identifying challenging areas where Biotechnology can cater to the solution.  

Objectives/Goals of the Department:

  • To establish as an Centre of excellence for R & D under the banner of CBIT
  • To infuse useful technologies to enhance quality education among the students
  • To collaborate with foreign universities for R & D activities, Video lectures, video conferences, staff exchange and student exchange programs.
  • Coordinating with R&D / Funding Organizations like  CSIR, DST.
  • To increase Industry Institute Interaction for knowing the needs and demands of the industry.
  • To introduce Value added, industry oriented courses by involving industry in the curriculum planning.
  • To conduct International and National level seminars/conferences regularly.
  • To organize AICTE sponsored FDP, STTP, FTP programs in the college.
  • To execute sponsored and Research Projects and consultancy Projects
  • To further strengthen the Research activities, through Paper Publications, encouraging faculty for doing PhD.