Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme(TEQIP-II)
About TEQIP Forms
  • TEQIP is a programme of Govt. of India, is being implemented as a World Bank assisted project to improve Quality of Technical Education system in the country.
  • World bank is helping for the systemic transformation of the technical education system as a whole with special focus on overall Quality improvement in engineering education.
  • World Bank took keen interest in transformation of India's Technical Education system to make it globally competitive plan and shown its willingness to assist for TEQIP as a long term programme of 10-12 years and in 2 or 3 phases
TEQIP Objectives Minutes of Meetings
  • Promotion of Academic Excellence
  • Networking of Institutions for quality enhancement and resource sharing
  • Enhancing quality and reach of services to Community and Economy
  • System Management Capacity Improvement.

The Phase - I of TEQIP was implemented in 13 States and covered 127 Institutions including 18 Centrally Funded Institutions. It became effective in March 2003 and completed on 31st March, 2009.

  1. Minutes of Meeting of the 5th Board of Governors 2013
  2. 1st Governing Body Minutes
  3. 2nd Governing Body Minutes
  4. 3rd Governing Body Minutes
  5. 4th Governing Body Minutes
  6. 5th Governing Body Minutes
  7. 6th Governing Body Minutes
  8. 7th Governing Body Minutes