Faculty In-charges

SNO Name Designation Email ID Phone No.
1 Dr. D L Srinivasa Reddy Head of the Department hod_mca@cbit.ac.in 8466997209
2 Mr. Ramesh Ponnala MCA I Year Class In-charge ramesh.ponnala@gmail.com 9985145690
3 Dr. B Indira MCA II Year Class In-charge indira.baddam@gmail.com 9848952195
4 Mr M Kalidas MCA III Year Class In-charge kalidas_cbit@yahoo.com 9391264079
5 Mr. M. Ramchander Placements In-charge go2ramchander@gmail.com 9703144559
6 Mr. P. Krishna Prasad ISO In-charge, NBA In-charge p.krishnaprasad@cbit.ac.in 9701804086
7 Mr. B S S P Kumar Attendance In-charge cnu4u99@gmail.com 8099142126
8 Mr. G.N.R Prasad MCA Lab-I In-charge gnrp@cbit.ac.in 9885191683
9 Mr. D. Jayaram MCA Lab-II In-charge jayaram@cbit.ac.in 9440080590
10 Mr. C N V B R Sri Gowrinath Time Table In-charge gowrinath.sri07@gmail.com 9491116158

Student In-charges 

SNO Name Incharge Email ID Phone No.
1 Vineet Goyal Class Representative, MCA I Semester kgvineth999@gmail.com 9502176945
2 G Lakshmiparvathi Class Representative, MCA III Semester lakshmiparvathi@gmail.com 9133516755
3 M Akhila Class Representative, MCA V Semester akhilareddy.marri@gmail.com 8008438036