PEOs and POs

MCA Program Educational Objectives
PEO1 Design and build the software products for different needs by the industry and society.
PEO2 Work with ethics and moral values in industry with constant growth in their future.
PEO3 Become great innovators and participate in research work to create new applications.


MCA Program Outcomes
PO 1 Ability to understand the mathematical foundations, concepts of Computer Applications 
to the appropriate problems needed by the industry and society.
PO 2 Able to analyze, design and investigate the real world complex problems to formulate solutions.
PO 3 Able to learn new tools and technologies to find the solutions for the real world problems.
PO 4 Able to develop new applications as an individual or with a team in the context of society and environment.
PO 5 Able to communicate effectively and develop self-confidence
PO 6 Able to possess project management skills and predict the financial assessment with professional ethics.