KM Reddy


         Late Justice K. Madhava Reddy is the Chairman of the  first  Board of Governers of Chaitanya Bharathi Educational Society, Hyderabad, and served the society for two terms. He was the Chief Justice of High court of Andhra Pradesh and also Maharastra(Bombay).  He was also the Chairman, Governing body of A.V. Educational Society, Hyderabad, who graciously allowed initially to start CBES and CBIT to function from A.V. College campus, in Hyderabad.

         He  added stature and glamour to the CBIT and CBES and guided with his very, valuable advices and contributions especially during turbulent times when Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology faced agitational and financial problems.  He strived for establishing nonrms for smooth and effective functioning of CBES and CBIT.