List of the events 2016-17:

1. Elocution and Essay writing:

   Elocution and essay writing competition in collaboration with Ministry for human resource       development in view of Independence day.

Topic - Essay writing: freedom fighters that inspire me the most

            Elocution: 70 years of independence and...

Number of participants: 30 for essay writing

                                      17 for elocution

2. Juniors Event:

Event name: Wordsera.

Round 1: Finding synonyms written on post its.

Round 2: Crossword.

The juniors event was held on 20th October 2016.

Number of participants: 142.

The first round involved the participants to select the right synonyms of the word given to them from the wall in the least amount of time. The top five teams qualified for the next round.

The second round the top five teams solving the given clues of the crossword puzzle.

3. Andhra Bank Vigilance Awareness Week

Event name: Elocution

Date: 1st November 2016.

Number of participants: 18

Andhra Bank in collaboration with Communicando conducted an elocution competition on the topic Public participation in promoting integrity and eradicating Corruption.

4. Poetry challenge (online event)

Event name: 15 word Poetry Challenge

Number of Participants: 20

Date: 14th November 2016.

The contestants were asked to write a poem in 15 words based on their childhood memories.

5. Telugu event held for the first years.

Event name: Stand up

Number of Participants: 80

Date: 1st November 2016.

6. Online initiative

Event name: Word of the day

Start date: 5th November 2016

Every day we used to post a word along with its meaning ,its origin and a sentence to show the usage of the word.

7. English event on National Youth Day

Event name: Soapbox

Date: 12th January 2017

Number of participants: 26

The contestant participated in extempore in the first round and selected candidates went on to participate in a 1v1 debate.

8.Republic Day Event

  Event name:Spill the Ink

  Date:25th January 2017

Number of Participants: 39

Essay writing competition where the participants had to make anagrams from the word *REPUBLIC DAY* and use any of the five anagrams in their essay. The essays revolved around Republic Day. This event was conducted in all the three languages i.e English Hindi and Telugu.