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Production Engineering was started in the year 1984 four years after inception of CBIT.  The department is also offerering a Post Graduate Programme, M.E. with specialisation in CAD/CAM with an intake of 25 students since 2002.

The department has 40 eminent faculty supported by 23 staff that fetched sponsored research projects from AICTE, UGC, BHEL, DRDO, NSTL to a tune of Rs.1 .5 Crores and consultancy of worth 25 lakhs Recardo Enginis, Leer Inc., General Motors, Daimer Chrysler, Jhonson Control Inc., RR Industries, Tecumsec Pvt Ltd., ITW Singod, Usha Fancs, KPCL, DTH Hammers, Praga Tools, etc. In addition to research and consultancy the department has organised a number of ISTE sponsored and self financed courses for faculty and industrial personnel in various emerging areas, viz. numereical methods, finite element analyysis in metal forming and refrigeration & air conditioning. The faculty of department published papers over 186 in International Journals, 118 in National Journals, 104 in International Conferences and 202 in National Conferences so far. However for the last 5 years the faculty of the department have published 128 research papers in International Journals, 104 in National Journals, 60 International Conferences and 45 in National Conferences. The department is organised an International Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering and Science in 2009. 7 Ph.Ds were awarded under the guidence of the faculty of the department, 6 were submitted and another 40 are in progress.
The department has well equipped laboratories with research facilities viz., a Denford (UK) make 8-Sation Vertical Machining Centre, a CNC lathe, and a 5-axis robot (FANUC make), load cells interaced to computer to measure forces in metal forming and metal cutting operations, NOx Analysier and AVL smoke meter etc, and software like AUTOCAD, ANSYS, SOLID WORKS,HYPER MESH,CATIA,DEFORM-2D and LS-DYNA, FLUENT, ICEM etc.
Many eminent personalities having expertise in their respective fields worked in the department over the years. To name few are Dr.V.Kamala, Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy, Dr.B.Prabhakar Reddy, Dr.C.M.Varaprasad, Dr.T.A.Janardhan Reddy, Prof K.Sitaram, Prof. Ch.Lakshman Rao and Dr.P.Jayapal Reddy. Dr.P.Ravinder Reddy is the Head of the Department since Aug 2008.



1.    Applied Thermodynamics

2.  Thermal Engineering

3.  Heat Transfer

4.  Fuels

5.  CAD/CAM Lab

6.  Machine Tools

7.  Robotics & Automation

8.  Metrology & Instrumentation

9.  Metal Forming

10. Welding

11. Metallurgy

12. Central Workshops


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